Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Influence of Fly Ash Content on Compaction Characteristics of Fly Ash Clay Mixture

Volume 10, No. 1, 2016
Received: 2015/11/03, Accepted:


Ashis Kumar Bera; Sayan Kundu;


In the present paper, a series of compaction tests have been performed to investigate the effect of fly ash content on compaction characteristics of fly ash clay mixture. Three types of fly ash and three types of clay have been used in this investigation. From the test results, it is observed that with the increase in fly ash content (0 to 25%) in the fly ash clay mixture, the value of maximum dry density decreases irrespective of type of soil, type of fly ash and type of compaction method. Fly ash content also influences significantly the optimum moisture content of fly ash clay mixture. Based on the present experimental data, a number of linear regression models have been developed to estimate the values of optimum moisture content and maximum dry density of fly ash clay mixture.


Fly ash, Clay, Compaction, Regression, MDD, OMC