Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Reference Aluminium Bolted Joint

Volume 2, No. 4, 2008
Received: 2008/12/30, Accepted:


Evangelos Efthymiou;


In the herein presented paper the structural response of aluminium alloy bolted joints under tension is numerically and experimentally investigated. For the purpose of this research activity, the equivalent T-stub reference joint has been used and all special features of the employed structural aluminium have been incorporated into the mechanical model of the component. The proposed finite element model has been next calibrated with regard to test results obtained by an extensive laboratory programme. The aim of the aforementioned research effort was to contribute to the broadening of the knowledge on the behaviour of the aluminium bolted joints under tension by validating and calibrating the proposed numerical model comparing it with the results of a sequence of experimental tests. Certain important aspects of the numerical treatment of the problem, namely, strain-hardening and contact phenomena, along with comparisons to relevant experimental results, are included in the paper. In addition, both the codified failure mechanisms described in Eurocode 9 and the possible theoretical yield patterns have been verified, whereas in the meantime useful conclusions concerning the development of post-elastic failure zones on aluminium flanges of the T-stub have been reached.


Aluminium alloy bolted joints, Equivalent T-stub component, Numerical analysis, Yield patterns, Experimental tests.