Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Performance of RCC Beams Laminated with Kevlar Fabric

Volume 14, No. 2, 2020
Received: 2020/04/25, Accepted:


Gajalakshmi Pandulu; Revathy Jayaseelan; Sakthi Jeganathan;


The use of kevlar fabric laminates in the structural repair and retrofitting of reinforced concrete members becomes a great deal of research work nowadays. Many research works have been done on the performance of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) laminates on reinforced concrete structural members. Some studies have been done on the performance of kevlar fabric laminates on reinforced concrete structural members and only few contributions are available for self-compacting concrete structural members. Hence, in this research work, an attempt is made to study the performance of reinforced concrete and self-compacting beams laminated with various numbers of kevlar fabric layers by an epoxy bonding agent under a two-point concentrated loading system. The experimental data of ultimate load, mid-span deflection and mode of failure was collected and discussed. Theoretical and analytical studies were also conducted and compared with experimental results. When applying the kevlar fabric as an external reinforcement, the flexural strength of two-layer U-shape kevlar fabric-laminated beams has been increased by 88% and 82%, respectively, compared to unlaminated reinforced concrete and self-compacting beams.


Kevlar fabric, Laminated beam, External bonding, Load-carrying capacity, Epoxy bonding.