Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Investigation of the Effect of CFRP Strengthening on the Behavior of Deficient Steel Members under Combined Lateral and Torsional Loading

Volume 12, No. 4, 2018
Received: 2018/09/12, Accepted:


Amir Hamzeh Keykha;


In recent years, strengthening of steel square hollow sections (SHSs) using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) has attracted the attention of many researchers. Most previous research in this field has been conducted on the behavior of steel members without deficiency in bending, shear and compression, strengthened using CFRP composites. Few studies have been conducted on steel members with deficiency strengthened using CFRP and to the author’s knowledge, no research on the behavior of CFRP-strengthened deficient hollow steel members subjected to combined lateral and torsional loading has been presented. The deficiency in steel members may be created due to the errors caused by construction, fatigue cracking, drilling after building for passing of building installations, corrosion, earthquake damage,… and so on. However, this study explored the effect of the use of adhesively bonded CFRP flexible sheets on the structural behavior of SHS steel members having initial deficiencies subjected to combined lateral and torsional loading, using numerical investigation. To study the effects of CFRP strengthening method on recovering the strength lost in the deficient members, seventeen specimens, twelve of which were strengthened using CFRP sheets, were analyzed. To analyze the steel members, three-dimensional (3D) modeling and non-linear static analysis using ANSYS software were applied. The results indicated that the application of CFRP sheets for strengthening of deficient hollow steel members under combined lateral and torsional loading could significantly recover the strength lost due to deficiency.


Hollow steel members, Strengthening, CFRP, Numerical investigation, Torsional load, Lateral load.