Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Using Tubular Daylighting Systems to Improve Illuminance Level in Double Loaded Corridors in Educational Buildings

Volume 10, No. 2, 2016
Received: 2016/03/17, Accepted:


Ahmed Freewan;


Double loaded corridors in educational buildings generally experience a low daylight level, as they do not have enough direct contact with the outdoor environment. The task light level in those corridors is lower than that in reading or office spaces. Double loaded corridors normally depend on artificial light. On the other hand, double loaded corridors need to be lit all the day during the occupation period as one can not specify when different users could use it. This research explores the possibility of using tubular light systems in addition to some architectural solutions to provide double loaded corridors with the required daylight. The research used anidolic, light pipe and ceiling cavity systems in addition to high windows from side offices to improve daylighting in double loaded corridors. The experimental study, which has taken place at JUST, showed that anidolic systems could provide double loaded corridors with sufficient lighting levels. On the other hand, radiance simulations showed that anidolic and some other solution systems can provide corridors with sufficient daylight in lower floors, while light pipes can provide corridors with sufficient daylight in upper floors.


Anidolic systems, Illuminance level, Uniformity, Light pipes, Light shelves, Ceiling cavity