Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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In Search of a Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

Volume 5, No. 3, 2011
Received: 2011/07/12, Accepted:


Nizar Abu-Jaber;


The choice of a site for high and intermediate level nuclear waste product material disposal in Jordan requires careful consideration of hydrology, hydrogeology, geological materials, seismicity, climate and other geological factors. The purpose of this paper is to explore how these factors in Jordan may affect the ultimate decision on where to site such a facility. Taking these factors into consideration would ensure long-term safety of the environment. Using all of these criteria eliminates many choices, but it does not eliminate all of them. Available data on Jordan show that there are areas where suitable geological, seismological, hydrogeological and climatological characteristics are to be found. Zeolitic tuff deposits in Tulul-al-Ashaqif area and Muwaqqar formation belt in the east seem to provide a promising start, although further significant research on these areas will be needed.


Nuclear wastes, Disposal sites