Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Production of thermal and sound insulators from used automobile tires' fiber

Volume 17, No. 2, 2023
Received: 2022/05/02, Accepted: 2022/09/28


Awni Al-Otoom; Munther Kandah;


One of the problematic issues with the recycling of used automobile tires is the production of the unwanted fiber waste. This waste is considered as a burden and is considered as an industrial waste which constitute a financial burden to these industries. This project aims at finding a useful and profitable method of using this undesired side product from auto tires recycling companies. The main idea is the use of this fiber in production of thermal and noise insulators in various buildings in the form of insulating sheets that can be cut to the desired specifications. Based on the optimum operating parameters, tens of sheets were produced and used in insulating to different types of rooms (Caravan room and bricks room) in order to achieve a simulation of real thermal and sound insulation values on real construction. The results were very successful. The thermal properties of the obtained sheets are similar to those used currently in the construction business. The difference between the insulated rooms and the noninsulated rooms were about 2 oC and about 1-4 dBA in terms of sound level for both construction models during day and night all over the year period.


Automobile tiers, Fiber, Thermal insulator, Sound insulator