Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Influence of Mesh Size on Bearing Capacity and Settlement Resistance of Coir Geotextile - Reinforced Sand

Volume 12, No. 1, 2018
Received: 2017/12/03, Accepted:


R. Sridhar; M.T. Prathapkumar;


The present investigation was undertaken to study the behaviour of reinforced sand in improving the bearing capacity and settlement resistance under circular footing. Comparison was carried out between reinforced condition and unreinforced condition under circular footing in sand bed. Comparison was made between bearing capacity of sand bed and coir geotextile layer reinforced in sand bed under footings. Locally available river sand was used along with ‘coir geotextile’ as a reinforcing material. The parameters selected were: depth of the top layer of reinforcement and different mesh sizes of coir geotextile below the footing. Relationships between intensity of loading and settlement have been presented to determine the influence of the above parameters on bearing capacity and settlement resistance. It can be concluded that by a suitable arrangement of the reinforcing coir geotextile, the bearing capacity and settlement resistance of sand are improved as compared to unreinforced sand.


Coir geotextile, Reinforcement, Bearing capacity, Settlement resistance, Reinforced and unreinforced sand