Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Semi-Active Fuzzy Control of Tuned Mass Damper to Reduce Base-Isolated Building Response under Harmonic Excitation

Volume 12, No. 3, 2018
Received: 2018/05/14, Accepted:


Nassim Djedoui; Abdelhafid Ounis; Abdeddaim Mahdi; Seyed Mehdi Zahrai;


In this paper, a closed loop control approach for controlling vibration under harmonic excitation is introduced. A Semi-Active Tuned Mass Damper (SATMD) with time variable damping installed on the lowest floor of a base-isolated structure is investigated. The damping is controlled by a fuzzy logic controller, in which displacement and velocity of the base isolator are used as inputs. The numerical simulation is carried out on two types of 6-degrees of freedom base-isolated structures: the first structure is equipped with a base isolator having low damping, while the second structure is equipped with a base isolator having high damping. Simulation by MATLAB is carried out to test the proposed SATMD under harmonic excitation and the results are compared to those of a classical passive TMD. Results showed that a SATMD with variable damping is more efficient than a classic TMD with constant damping under harmonic excitation, leading to a reduction of 50% in base displacement and acceleration, as well as a reduction of nearly 15% in inter-story drift.


Semi-active tuned mass damper (SATMD), Variable damping, Fuzzy logic controller, Base-isolated building, Harmonic excitation, Vibration control