Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Mechanical Characteristics of Environmentally Friendly Permeable Pavement: Enhanced Porous Asphalt

Volume 18, No. 2, 2024
Received: 2023/07/14, Accepted: 2024/02/24


Ahmet Bugra Ibis; Burak Sengoz; Ali Almusawi; Derya Kaya Ozdemir; Ali Topal;


This study examines the mechanical properties of porous asphalt pavement with varying polymers (elastomeric and reactive elastomeric terpolymer) and types of aggregates. Two aggregate compositions were employed: exclusively limestone and a blend of limestone and basalt aggregates. The findings reveal that mixtures containing the base bitumen failed to satisfy the porous asphalt's Cantabro loss test criterion, which mandates a maximum threshold of 20%. Conversely, asphalt mixtures modified with polymers demonstrated superior performance in terms of permeability, Cantabro loss, and the ratio of indirect tensile strength.


porous asphalt, permeability, modified porous asphalt, porous asphalt design, polymer modification, Cantabro loss