Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Estimation of Wind Load on a Tall Building under Interference Effects: A Case Study

Volume 9, No. 1, 2015
Received: 2014/11/04, Accepted:


Pallab Kheyari; Sujit Kumar Dalui;


This paper is based on a case study of interference effect due to wind over a tall building by using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) package of ANSYS. This analytical study is carried out through modeling of the isolated building, interfering building, principal building and domain boundary with different wind incident angles from 0º to 90º at an interval of 30º. The aspect ratio of upstream interfering building and principal building gradually varies from 1:5 to 5:5. Both buildings are rectangular in plan with a length scale of 1:300. The wind pressures on each face of the isolated building and the principal building are determined for different wind angles. The external pressure coefficients on all faces of the isolated building have compared with IS:875 (part-3)-1987. The pressure coefficients on all faces of the principal building in the presence of upstream interfering building with varying aspect ratios have also been discussed and compared for different wind flow directions. The interference effect depends on the various shapes and sizes of the principal building and the surrounding interference building and their orientations, various terrain conditions and different wind directions. Surrounding interfering buildings may increase or decrease the wind load response on the principal building depending on their arrangement with respect to the direction of flow.


Tall building, Interference effect, Shielding effect, Wind load, Interfering building, Wind angle