Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Comparative Study of Load Carrying Capacity of Steel Tube Columns Filled with Lightweight Concrete and Normal Concrete

Volume 4, No. 2, 2010
Received: 2010/03/09, Accepted:


Shehdeh Ghannam; Hamid R. Al-Ani; Orabi Al-Rawi;


Tests on steel columns filled with normal concrete and lightweight concrete were carried out to investigate the actual behavior and the load carrying capacity of such columns. Eight full scale rectangular cross-section columns filled with lightweight aggregate concrete and normal weight aggregate concrete, four specimens each, were tested under axial loads for comparison purposes. The results showed that using lightweight concrete filling instead of normal concrete filling will reduce the weight of columns. At the same time, a high load carrying capacity is achieved.


Failure load, Lightweight aggregate concrete, Normal weight aggregate concrete, Local buckling, overall buckling, Composite action, Tubular columns