Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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The Application of Health and Safety Plan in Nigerian Construction Firms

Volume 8, No. 1, 2014
Received: 2013/12/23, Accepted:


Mansir Dodo;


Construction works all over the world pose serious threat to workers and even non-workers. Health and safety in Nigerian construction firms have long been an issue to reckon with due to the several reports of the occurrence of accidents during construction works. This study investigates the extent of application of Health and Safety Plan in construction firms in Nigeria. A purposive sampling technique was used purposely for convenience sake and data was fetched from three cities with equal representation by the aid of a structured questionnaire. Results reveal that even though most firms studied have been in business for over a decade, one quarter of them hardly comply with any Health and Safety Plan during construction. Furthermore, employees are assets but this study reveals that some firms fully in business neither have Health and Safety insurance for their employees nor do some facilitate payment of Health and Safety insurance for their staff. It was concluded that effective Health and Safety practices for employees in Nigeria are yet to be fully appreciated and implemented among construction firms. As such, it is recommended that relevant authorities should checkmate Health and Safety practices in the Nigerian construction industry.


Employee, Health and Safety Plan, Nigerian construction firms