Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Slab Strengthened with Shear Bolts

Volume 2, No. 1, 2008
Received: 2008/08/27, Accepted:


Khalil Belakhdar;


This paper presents an implementation of a rational three-dimensional nonlinear finite element model for evaluating the behavior of reinforced concrete slabs strengthened with shear bolts under transverse load. The concrete was idealized by using eight-nodded brick elements. While both flexural reinforcement and the shear bolts were modeled as truss elements, a perfected bond between brick elements and truss elements was assumed. The nonlinear behavior of concrete in compression is simulated by an elasto-plastic work-hardening model, and in tension a suitable post-cracking model based on tension stiffening and shear retention models are employed. The steel was simulated using an elastic-full plastic model. The validity of the theoretical formulations and the program used was verified through comparison with available experimental data, and the agreement has proven to be good. A parametric study has been also carried out to investigate the influence of the shear bolts’ diameter and number of bolts’ rows around the column-slab connection, on the ductility and ultimate load capacity of slabs.


Reinforced concrete plates, Nonlinear FE analysis of RC slabs, Shear capacity of concrete slabs, Shear bolts, Punching shear, Slabs strengthening.