Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Effect of Parabolic-Concave Thickness Variation on the Mechanical Buckling Resistance of Simply Supported FGM Plates

Volume 12, No. 2, 2018
Received: 2018/03/08, Accepted:


Ali Meksi; Khalil Belakhdar; Otbi Bouguenina; Abdelouahed Tounsi;


A numerical investigation on the buckling resistance of FGM plates having parabolic-concave thickness variation exposed to in-plane loading is presented in this piece of research work. An analytical formulation is derived and the governing differential equation of stability is solved numerically using finite difference method. A specific function of thickness variation is introduced, where this function controls the parabolic variation intensity of the plate thickness without changing its original material volume. The results indicated that the loss ratio in the buckling resistance due to parabolic-concave thickness variation is highly dependent on the geometrical properties of the plate, while it is not affected by the material properties or by the distribution profile of the constituent materials. Influencing material and geometrical parameters on the degradation of the buckling resistance are investigated, which may help in design guidelines of such complex structures.


Buckling, Finite difference method, Parabolic-concave thickness variation, Numerical analysis