Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Experimental Study on Low-resistance Venturi Water Film Cyclone with Vibrating String Grid

Volume 14, No. 3, 2020
Received: 2020/06/28, Accepted:


Zuyun Chen; Shipeng Zhao; Zhenbiao Rao; Rumeng Zhang;


With the increasing stringency of environmental standards, the removal of fine dust has become a goal of research scholars. In this paper, new type of low-resistance Venturi water film cyclone with vibrating string grid was proposed after synthesizing the advantages of various dust removal technologies. The combined effects of mechanism and influence of dust removal were studied from both vibrating fiber grid in Venturi dust collector and dust collector with water film. The structure optimization of the composite dust collector was experimentally studied. When the pressure of water film reaches 0.3MPa, the water film basically covers the inner wall of the cyclone dust collector and the dust removal efficiency is close to 97.32% of the experimental results. The optimal gas velocity of throat tube is 28.48 m/s in order to match with low-resistance Venturi water film cyclone with vibrating string grid. When the wind speed of throat pipe exceeds forming resonance frequency in water film of vibrating string grid, the effect of secondary film-making abates and the dust removal efficiency decreases. The dust removal efficiency under the condition of changing the gas velocity of the throat pipe was measured and dust removal modes in unconditional, spray, water film and single vibrating string grid conditions were combined. The low-resistance Venturi water film cyclone with vibrating string grid has the characteristics of extremely high dust removal efficiency, simple structure and low cost and is of great social significance in protecting the environment and improving theory and applications of the dust removal existing devices.