Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Effect of Inherent Anisotropy on Shear Strength Following Crushing of Natural Aqaba Subgrade Sand

Volume 5, No. 3, 2011
Received: 2011/07/12, Accepted:


Taleb Al-Rousan; Omar Al-Hattamleh; Reyad Al-Dwairi;


Inherent anisotropy affects the overall shear strength of sand deposits. Soil inherent anisotropy was evaluated for pre-crushed Aqaba subgrade sand by deposition of soil grains onto an inclined surface. Crushing of Aqaba sand was induced by one-dimensional compression. Sand characteristic properties (mineralogical properties, grain size and crushing resistance strength) were determined by standard laboratory testing. Particle breakage factors and inter-particle void ratio were calculated from the initial and final gradations of the soil samples. Moreover, shear strength components for sand specimens were resolved. Inspection of the residual shear strength parameters showed an increase, where the amount of particle crushing increased regardless the level of the normal stress being applied. Furthermore, examining the effect of inherent anisotropy showed that a considerable amount of the dilation occurs when the particles tend to lie orthogonal to the horizontal plane regardless the extent of breakage.


Natural sand, Granular materials, Crushing, Breakage, Anisotropy, Fabric, Shear strength, Dilatancy, Direct shear