Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Digital Image Processing Based System for the Characterization of Coarse Aggregates

Volume 10, No. 1, 2016
Received: 2015/11/03, Accepted:


Madhuri N. Mangulkar; Sanjay S. Jamkar;


Aggregate characteristics have a significant effect on the properties of concrete in the fresh state and the hardened state. They also influence the quantity of cement paste required to fill the voids between aggregate particles. The manual methods suggested for the measurement of aggregate characteristics are laborious, time consuming and approximate. This paper presents the development of a Digital Image Processing (DIP) based system for the measurement of sphericity, shape factor, elongation ratio and flatness ratio of coarse aggregate particles. The system is calibrated using standard objects such as marbles, coins and then used for the measurement of coarse aggregate particles having varied characteristics. Samples of rounded gravels and crushed aggregates from different crushers are considered for the study. The results indicated that the system can be used for the accurate measurement of aggregate characteristics.


Aggregate, Shape, Surface texture, Particle packing, Digital Image Processing (DIP)