Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Studies on Fly Ash Concrete Composites

Volume 9, No. 1, 2015
Received: 2014/11/04, Accepted:


K. Saravana Raja Mohan; A. Sumathi;


Using fly ash as a partial substitute for cement in concrete construction has become popular, mainly because of its availability and economicality in large volume construction. But, the resulting deficiency in performance of the concrete has been a cause of concern, and in this study, it is proposed to introduce polypropylene fibers adaptively to compensate for strength. An experimental program was carried out with fly ash, fiber content and layers as parameters. The fly ash content is varied from 0 % to 30% and the fiber content from 0 to 0.60%. It was found that the loss due to introduction of fly ash could be easily compensated through fibers. This study has been carried out to investigate the feasibility of use of polypropylene fibers and evaluate the effect of fiber length and fiber content in concrete to perform better structural properties. ANOVA statistical method was used to evaluate the effect of fiber and fly ash content in concrete to study the strength characteristics and modulus of elasticity.


Fly ash, Fiber, Concrete, Composite, Fiber content, Polypropylene Fiber.