Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Dynamic Characteristics of Transmission Tower - Line Coupled System Considering Torsional Effect

Volume 14, No. 3, 2020
Received: 2020/06/28, Accepted:


Ying Zhou; Shuguo Liang; Lianghao Zou;


The multi-particle model is a common method for calculating the dynamic characteristics of typical transmission tower-line coupled systems. The existing multi-particle model often ignores the torsional effect of the transmission tower when performing tower-line coupling. In order to increase the accuracy of the calculation results of dynamic property, for the first time, the torsional effect of the transmission tower is incorporated into the traditional multi-particle model by increasing the degree of freedom of the transmission tower-line system in theoretical formulae. The developed formulae were then used to analyze the inherent frequencies of transmission towers and tower-line coupled systems of a typical tower-line structure. The theoretical calculation results are rather similar to the three-dimensional finite element analysis results and to the experimental results regarding translational motion frequency and torsional frequency. The research results could have civil engineering application value for multi-particle model theoretical research and seismic analysis of vibration characteristics of transmission tower-line systems.


Transmission tower-line system, Multi-particle model, Dynamic characteristics, Seismic resistance, Torsion.