Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Water evaporation, Highly arid regions, Dead Sea

Volume 5, No. 3, 2011
Received: 2011/07/12, Accepted:


Hanan Mughrabi;


This study was conducted to estimate the evaporation rate in an arid region; namely the Dead Sea. Estimation of evaporation helps in planning, operation and management of water resources. Direct measurement of evaporation rates on daily basis extended for one year. Daily energy-budget and Penman's evaporation rates were determined from available data to quantify evaporation rates and to assess the assumptions associated with Penman's method for use in an area characterized as arid. An attempt was made to correlate the evaporation rate with the meteorological data affecting it. A procedure was developed and found suitable for calculating the evaporation rate from the sea site and other similar regions of high aridity.


Water evaporation, Highly arid regions, Dead Sea