Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Mechanical Performance of Construction Errors in Implementation of T-Reinforced Concrete Beams

Volume 13, No. 1, 2019
Received: 2018/11/26, Accepted:


El-Said Abd-Allah Bayoumi; Ahmed Gomaa Asran; Mohamed Abdel-Azeem Eliwa;


The objective of this study is to identify and evaluate the construction errors during the implementation of concrete T-beams. This research was borne out of the need to investigate some of the many factors responsible for the failure of structures, like the impact of misplacement of slab reinforcement, the effect of irregular arrangement of slab reinforcement and the effect of change in bar diameter of slab reinforcement on the structural behavior of T-beam sections. An experimental program was implemented on nine specimens, which were divided into eight specimens of T-beams, in addition to one specimen which was designed so that the section was a rectangular section without slab to identify the performance of slab in load resistance. Eight specimens of T-beams were designated to simulate the possible defects in the field. The results indicated that the faulty placement of slab reinforcement leads to a lower bending moment capacity of the slab and the steel strain of slab decreased as the height of slab reinforcement decreased. The irregularity of the reinforcing bars in the concrete slab affected the ultimate load of the slab and well-arranged distribution of reinforcement improves the ductile behavior of the slab and reduces the corresponding deflections. The minimum bar diameter for the reinforcement of the slab is 8mm, because the 6mm diameter reinforcement was found to be weak in terms of resistance to loads. It is suggested that a high level of quality assurance be maintained during the construction process to limit the occurrence and effects of construction errors. T-beams are more efficient than rectangular beams, where a part of the slab contributes to the resistance of the loads.


T-beams, Human errors, Faulty placement, Irregularity, Bar diameter