Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Numerical Investigation of Interference Effect on Octagonal Plan Shaped Tall Buildings

Volume 10, No. 4, 2016
Received: 2016/09/05, Accepted:


Sourav Hajra; Sujit Kumar Dalui;


The variation in the values of interference factor with change in spacing between the two interfering buildings and between interfering and principal building has been studied in this paper. Extensive numerical studies have been carried out with three numerical models (viz. k-Ɛ, SST and k-ω) for an isolated building for wind incidence angle of 0°using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) package ANSYS CFX. The interference cases are studied by k-Ɛ turbulence model only due to restriction of pages. Good agreement is observed between the results obtained by k-Ɛ, SST and k-ω models for the isolated case. Both interfering buildings are square in plan with a length scale of 1:300. Peculiar pressure distributions on certain faces are observed. Moreover, drastic change in pressure distribution is observed for the isolated and the interference cases. Finally, the flow pattern around the model is computed in order to explain the variation in pressure on different faces.


Interference effect, Mean pressure coefficient, Tall building, Wind incidence angle, Vortex shedding