Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Assessment of the Strength of Remixed Concrete Structures

Volume 8, No. 2, 2014
Received: 2014/03/17, Accepted:


Anwar A. Alnaki; Falah M. Wegian; Magdi A. Abdalghafar; Fahad A. Alotaibi; Ibrahim A. Ali;


This work presents an experimental investigation to study the effect of remixing on the strength of concrete. The compressive strength, the splitting tensile strength, the shear strength as well as the flexural strength for 6 different concrete mixes have been measured. The results of investigation showed that the strength of concrete may be improved by remixing, provided that the time between remixing and casting does not exceed 0.7 the initial setting time of cement. Further improvement is achieved when remixing is associated with adding fresh concrete. The results showed that the improvement in strength can be as high as 20%. The improvement in strength was found to be affected by the blend ratio.


Remixing, Compressive strength, Flexural strength, Splitting strength, Shear strength