Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Influence of Cable Tension on the Mechanical Properties of Cable -stayed Bridge

Volume 13, No. 1, 2019
Received: 2018/11/27, Accepted:


Li Xiaozhong; Chen Xingchong;


The cable force and girder alignment problem of cable-stayed bridge under different damage conditions are studied. According to the characteristics of the force analysis on the cable-stayed bridge, the composite structure composed of cable-stayed cable, main girder and cable tower is considered as an example of a single-tower cable-stayed bridge and the finite element updating model based on the principle of sensitivity analysis is set up with the test data. The cable damage model is established by the elastic modulus reduction method. The effect of single cable and multi-cable force failure on the safety performance of cable-stayed bridge is simulated and the change law of cable internal force redistribution and corresponding deflection caused by different degrees of cable force failure in different position cables is analyzed and summarized. This method provides a basis for damage location and safety assessment of cables of cable-stayed bridges.


Cable-stayed bridge, Cable damage, Model updating, Mechanical properties