Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Performance Evaluation of Resin As a Coating Agent

Volume 11, No. 4, 2017
Received: 2017/08/27, Accepted:


Yasir Ali; Hammad Anis Khan;


The durability of engineering structures is greatly influenced by adverse and hostile environment. However, this area has received less attention and, even worse, the literature pertaining to the effect of high temperature coupled with environmental/ atmospheric conditions on water absorption and compressive strength is very scarce. With this background, this research aims at evaluating the performance of polyester resin on mortar as a coating material in the local environment. Cubical specimens were fabricated and compressive strength and water absorption tests conducted as performance indicators. The tests were conducted in two different exposure conditions; dipped/ immersed in water and ambient environment. Results were compared with controlled specimens. The test results revealed that the increase in the number of resin layers (from zero to three) significantly reduced water absorption for the two different exposure conditions. The application of resin layers significantly enhanced compressive strength. Furthermore, a first-order multiple linear regression model was developed for water absorption as a function of the number of layers, exposure duration and conditions. Univariate GLM analysis of variance and two-level factorial design were carried out to validate the response of various parameters on water absorption and compressive strength, respectively.


Resin, Coating agent, Environment, Strength, Water absorption