Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Consolidation Settlement by Observational and Conventional Methods Utilizing Results of Test Embankments from Algeria

Volume 18, No. 3, 2024
Received: 2022/11/07, Accepted: 2024/04/24


Mohamed Aymen Dali; Ahcène Benamghar; Mohamed Boudjellal;


The aim of this work is predicting final and consolidation settlements of a highway embankment using four different methods. These methods are Terzaghi (1925), Asaoka (1978), Tan (1995) and Chunlin (2014). The results cross-validation was done using a test embankment survey instrumented during 360 days. The settlement estimation results revealed that, for the test period of 360 days, only the Asaoka and Chunlin methods were more precise. These two approaches also yielded very close values of settlement compared to the other methods. Meanwhile, the final settlement prediction for a very long time (14 years) was almost the same for Asaoka (1978), Tan (1995) and Chunlin (2014). This cross-validation study would be very useful for case studies looking for simple and excellent methods for short term settlement estimation.


Consolidation settlement, test embankment, motorway, B�jaia, Algeria, East-west highway.