Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Dynamic Response of High Liquid Level Plate-Shell Integrated Concrete Liquid Storage Structure under Long - period Ground Motion

Volume 14, No. 4, 2020
Received: 2020/09/29, Accepted:


Lei Qi; Xuansheng Cheng; Xinhai Zhou; Shanglong Zhang;


With the development of production living standards and water treatment technology, the height of aboveground liquid storage structures has increased and the cross-sections have become complex; therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the seismic performance of aboveground concrete liquid storage structures with increased heights and complex cross-sections. In this paper, 6 long-period ground motions and 6 common ground motions are selected and the time-domain and frequency characteristics are analyzed. The dynamic response of a high liquid level plate-shell integrated concrete liquid storage structure (PSICLSS) to long-period ground motion is studied. The results show that ground motion does not cause intense shaking of the liquid at the bottom of the storage structure. Under the action of long-period ground motion, the sloshing height of the liquid will be far higher than the design dry string height, but it will not cause damage to the structural components. Under the action of common ground motion, the sloshing height of the liquid meets the design requirements, but rare earthquakes will cause local damage to the PSICLSS.


Concrete liquid storage structure, Fluid-structure interaction, Long-period ground motion, Sloshing height, High liquid level