Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Vibration Control of Structures by Multiple Mass Dampers

Volume 12, No. 3, 2018
Received: 2018/05/14, Accepted:


Arash Bayat; Peyman Beiranvand; Hamid Reza Ashrafi;


A system with multiple tuned mass dampers (MTMDs) consists of two lumped mass dampers. The first TMD is placed on the top of the structure and is tuned to the first natural frequency of the structure, while the second one is placed somewhere at the middle stories and is tuned to the second natural frequency of the structure. By controlling mass distribution along with other parameters, like damping ratio, frequency range and number of dampers, response of the main system can be controlled. In this research, to investigate how multiple mass dampers reduce seismic vibration of structures, time history data is checked. Multiple mass dampers (MTMDs) are distributed at each storey. For comparison, single mass damper (STMD) is installed at the top floor of the structure. Numerical study is performed to evaluate the effectiveness of MTMDs and the overall system performance. Time history data of three real earthquakes; namely, Kobe, Imperial Valley and Mammoth Lake earthquakes is considered in the present study. Displacement, acceleration, base shear and storey drift are obtained for the two configurations (structure with MTMDs and structure with STMD) for all earthquakes. Responses are also obtained for structure without damper system. From the results obtained, it is obvious that the MTMD configuration is more effective for controlling the seismic response of the primary system with comparison to STMD configuration.


Earthquake, Multiple tuned mass dampers, Single tuned mass damper, Time history