Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Using Oil Palm Fly Ash As A Source Material For Alumina Silicate

Volume 18, No. 1, 2024
Received: 2023/07/24, Accepted: 2023/11/17




The research investigated the utilization of palm oil waste as a source material for developing an alkali-activated binder with alumina-silicate properties. The Geopolymer synthesis involved a combination of palm oil fly ash and fly ash, as well as sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide as an alkali activator solution. The study assessed the physical, mechanical, water transport, and thermal performance of the binder, including the influence of oxide ratios on its strength gain characteristic. The highest strength achieved was 54.7MPa for a blend of POFA-FA in a ratio of 20:50 with a molarity of NaOH at 12M. The experimental results revealed good water transport performance due to the dense nature of the binder that restricted water movement. However, the material's insulation performance did not produce significant results with the lowest thermal conductivity values of 0.59 W/mK. Overall, the developed binder has potential industrial applications as it performed well in the technical aspects studied.


Palm oil fly ash; Alkali-activated binder; Waste; Sustainability; Water Transport Performance