Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Research on Incline - Rectifying of Building with Pile Foundation

Volume 9, No. 1, 2015
Received: 2014/11/04, Accepted:


Q.M. Li;


Correcting the leaning building with pile foundation, which is very difficult and risky, is a comprehensive management engineering. The studies on incline-rectifying and reinforcement engineering should be prepared according to local condition. An incline-rectifying and anti-retilt reinforcement engineering of coastal building with pile foundation is presented in this paper. The slant reasons of the building are analyzed, the incline-rectifying mechanism with negative skin friction technology is revealed, the design and construction characteristics of incline-rectifying engineering are introduced, the tide influence on incline-rectifying engineering are researched, and the relationships of groundwater, foundation soil, pile foundation and negative skin friction are studied. By this successful project, the experiences have been accumulated for incline-rectifying engineering of building with pile foundation, and good economic returns and social benefits have been yielded.


Building with pile foundation, Coastal site, Incline-rectifying, Negative skin friction, Tide.