Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Understanding the Key Factors of Construction Waste in Jordan

Volume 10, No. 2, 2016
Received: 2016/03/17, Accepted:


Jawad Al-Rifai Al-Rifai; Omar Amoudi;


Waste of construction materials has been recognized as a significant problem for different stakeholders involved in construction projects. This waste has negative impacts on the efficiency of the construction industry, the country economy at large and the environment. Thus, the minimization of construction wastes has become a pressing issue. This paper aims at investigating the main factors and causes contributing to material waste in the construction industry in Jordan. In order to achieve the aim of this study, a survey was carried out, employing semi-structured interview, to gather information from construction professionals about causes of waste in construction materials. The results show that the most significant factors contributing to construction waste can be categorized mainly into two groups: management-related and workforce-related. Examples of these are: ‘lack of skilled workers and subcontractors’ and ‘lack of quality management system’. Decision makers and construction professionals can benefit from the findings of this study as input to build their strategies concerning construction waste management.


Material wastage, Construction projects, Environmental impact, Jordan