Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Self-Compacted Concrete Hammer Head Beams Using Warped CFRP Strips: Experimental and Theoretical Study

Volume 12, No. 4, 2018
Received: 2018/09/12, Accepted:


Hassan Al-Karkhi; Ali Aziz;


Despite the many investigations on shear behavior of reinforced concrete beams, shear failure mechanism of hammer head beams is still not well understood. In the present paper, tests were carried out on six hammer head beams (double cantilever) under the effect of two-point loading. Five beam specimens were hammer head (non-prismatic shape) beams, while the last one has a rectangular prismatic shape. The adopted variables were: the shape of the tested beams, amount of shear reinforcement and strengthening by CFRP strips. Threedimensional finite element analyses by using ANSYS software were performed to verify the experimental results for all beams. Parametric study was performed based on two parameters, compressive strength of concrete (ƒ'c) and slope angle (α°). Therefore, nine additional beam specimens were modelled and analyzed. Test results showed that hammer head beams without web reinforcement have a superior shear capacity by about (12%) as compared with the prismatic hammer head beam and that strengthening by CFRP for hammer head beams enhances the shear capacity by about (30%). Analytical results showed that increasing concrete compressive strength from (25MPa) to (60MPa) gives an increase in ultimate load capacity by about (38%) for non-prismatic beams and by about (63%) for prismatic beam in case of absence of web reinforcement. Also, it was found that in case of no web reinforcement, the increase of slope angle from (0°) to (5°) and (10°) improves shear capacity.


Finite element, ANSYS, Shear, Self-compacted concrete, Hammer head beam, ACI-318