Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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SEM and XRD Analyses and Testing of Milled Natural Oxides Used for Colored Concrete

Volume 10, No. 4, 2016
Received: 2016/09/05, Accepted:


Musa Resheidat; Buthainah Al-Kharabsheh;


This study aims at using some of the available rocks in Jordan after grinding and processing as pigments to produce colored concrete. It also aims at studying the properties of colored concrete that could be used in the production of concrete products, such as curb stones, wall panels, claddings and many other precast elements in comparison in lieu of imported pigments. Realizing the objectives of this research and within the scope of this study, the physical and mechanical properties of such materials have been recorded and documented. The experimental investigation has dealt with the mechanical properties of hardened concrete by testing specimens in compression, direct tension, splitting and flexure. The obtained results have been compared with the well-known empirical code formulae. The color of the produced concrete can only be judged by inspection. The microstructure of the produced concrete was studied by using XRD and SEM analyses to investigate the bond between the aggregates and the colored paste. Beam analysis was used to determine the elements in the resulting matrix. It should be noted that no additives, admixtures or any other workability agents, such as accelerators or retarders, were used. Of prime concern was to produce colored concrete and achieve a realistic concrete strength. Recommendations for further research were also outlined.


Colored concrete, SEM, XRD, White cement, Zeolite tuff, Zircon sand