Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Strategies for Enhancing Traffic Safety among Adolescent and Adult Motorcycle Riders

Volume 18, No. 2, 2024
Received: 2023/11/25, Accepted: 2024/03/12




This research places emphasis on strategies for enhancing traffic safety among adolescent and adult motorcycle riders. Approximately 25% of the accidents in Indonesia involved underage riders. The criteria for respondents in this study were adolescent and adult motorcycle riders. The respondents were interviewed for approximately 10 minutes, inquiring about accident-related aspects such as: human factors, road and environmental factors, as well as vehicle-related factors. The number of respondents used for data analysis was 378 respondents. The research was conducted in Riau Province. Meanwhile, to validate the obtained model, a total of 152 respondents were used. The research results indicate that adolescent riders are about 4 times more likely to experience accidents compared to adult riders. Model validation demonstrates that an accuracy level of up to 89% for the obtained model. These strategies for enhancing the safety of both adolescent and adult motorcycle riders include: advising riders to operate their motorcycles in optimal physical and performance condition; advisingriders to rest when fatigued; advising riders not to ride between 24:00 and 06:00; enforcing strict measures by law enforcement to apprehend riders without a valid driving license; exercising caution when crossing straight roads and roads with non-variable roadside variability.


Adolescent; Adult; Motorcycle; Riders; Safety; Strategies