Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Assessment of Seismic Structural Risk for Model Buildings in the City of Sharjah, UAE

Volume 12, No. 1, 2018
Received: 2017/12/03, Accepted:


Samer Barakat; Abdullah Shanableh; Salah Altoubat; Khader Abu-Dagga;


Thirteen model building types were used to represent the building stock in Sharjah city, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in terms of structural system, height and use. Fourteen representative real ground motion records were scaled and used to assess the potential seismic structural risk of the model buildings. Time history analyses were performed on the 13 model buildings and fragility curves relating the probability of reaching or exceeding four predefined damage states to peak ground acceleration (PGA) were established for the 13 model building types. The fragility curves were then used to assess the structural risk of the model buildings and estimate the associated human and economic losses for various earthquake scenarios. Finally, indicative GIS-seismic riskbased maps were produced for Sharjah city for the various risk scenarios.


Seismic risk, Earthquakes, Representative building, Pushover, Time history, Fragility curves, Loss estimation, GIS risk maps