Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Construction Settlement Prediction of Shield Tunnel in Soft-soil Area

Volume 16, No. 3, 2022
Received: 2021/07/12, Accepted: 2022/03/31


Jiaxuan Su; Youqian Gao; Qingming Xiang; Xiaoshuang Li;


In order to analyze the construction settlement of the shield tunnel in the soft soil area, using the shield tunnel excavation gap parameters, based on the Peck formula and introduced the width correction coefficient b of the settlement trough analytical solution of shield tunnel construction settlement was obtained. Different buried depth ratios C/Dm, unified focus spacing d and correction coefficient b of tunnels were selected to analyze the ground settlement pattern of tunnel construction. The results show that for the same stratum, with the increase of buried depth, the maximum settlement at the surface plane gradually decreases. For shallow buried tunnel, the maximum settlement at different depths of the stratum shows a linear increase trend. For deep buried tunnel, with the deepening of depth the maximum settlement of strata increases linearly firstly and then decreases gradually until it is stable. Under the same buried depth, with the increase of the focus spacing ratio d/Dm, the settlement of the stratum decreases gradually. With the increase of correction coefficient b of settlement trough width, the width of settlement trough will be larger and the influence range of settlement will be larger. Combined with practical engineering examples, the reliability of the proposed settlement prediction method is verified by the maximum ground settlement Smax(z) and the settlement curve S(x,z).


Shield tunnel; Construction settlement; Parameter analysis; Maximum ground settlement ; Ground settlement curve