Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Effect of Randomly Distributed Fibre Reinforcements on Engineering Properties of Beach Sand

Volume 12, No. 1, 2018
Received: 2017/12/03, Accepted:


Shiva Prashanth Kumar Kodicherla; Jayatheja Muktinuthalapati; Naveen Revanna;


Mechanism of fibre-reinforced soil has made it an instant success in geotechnical and highway engineering practices for temporary as well as for permanent structures. Since ancient times, fibre-reinfored soil is being frequently used in civil engineering applications. Previous studies were not consistent regarding the effect of fibres on the volumetric change behavior of fibre-reinforced sand. In this paper, various tests were performed to investigate the effect of fibre reinforcement on engineering properties of beach sand. The results indicate that the inclusion of fibres increases shear strength and decreases dilation of sand. Permeability and porosity values increased with the addition of fibre content because of the absence of potential barrier between solid particles in the media.


Dilation, Shear parameters, Beach sand, Fibre – reinforcement, Permeability.