Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Comparative Performance Evaluation of Steel Column Building and Concrete Filled Tube Column Building under Static and Dynamic Loading

Volume 11, No. 2, 2017
Received: 2017/03/06, Accepted:


Ankur Tailor; Sejal Dalal; P.D. Dalal;


In this paper, an attempt has been made to check the feasibility of concrete-filled steel tube columns in terms of both performance and cost. An actual building, which was designed for steel sections as per IS800:2007, was selected as the study frame. All the columns of the study frame were then replaced by equivalent concretefilled steel tube columns (both square and circular). Seismic performance evaluation of both frames was then carried out and compared. It was found that seismic performance of concrete-filled steel tube column frame was better than that of steel frame under both static and dynamic loading. It also proved to be more economical than steel frame.


Concrete-filled tube columns, Steel columns, Dynamic loading, Static loading, Time history analysis