Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Punching Shear Model for Normal and High-Strength Concrete Slabs Reinforced with CFRP or Steel Bars

Volume 13, No. 2, 2019
Received: 2019/03/14, Accepted:


Sadjad Amir Hemzah; Salam Al-Obaidi; Thulfiqar Salim;


In this study, the punching shear behavior of concrete slabs reinforced with single or double layer of steel or CFRP bars has been investigated. Ten slabs with different parameters have been studied. The parameters of the specimens were: the shape of the columns (circular and square), the type of internal reinforcement (steel or CFRP bars) and the reinforcement ratio. The concrete compressive strength of the slabs ranged from 45 MPa to 60 MPa. Specimens were tested on simply supported edges on four sides with load applied on column at the center of the slab. The results obtained indicate that the compressive strength of concrete, as well as ratio and type of internal reinforcement affect the punching shear capacity of the slab. Finite element modeling (FEM) analysis for the tested specimens was carried out using the commercial finite element program ABAQUS. The results of FEM were in reasonable agreement with experimental ones. Based on the experimental results, previous studies and FEM results, a punching shear formula was presented to estimate the ultimate punching shear of such concrete slab. This new formula is taking into account the type and ratio of internal reinforcement, the shape of the column and the compressive strength of concrete. The average values of ratios between the proposed formula and current and previous experimental results were 1.04 and 0.95, respectively.


Punching shear equation, Concrete slab with CFRP bars, Punching shear of highstrength concrete slab, ABAQUS analysis of slab.