Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Nonlinear Finite element Analysis of High Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams with Severely Disturbed Regions

Volume 17, No. 1, 2023
Received: 2022/05/11, Accepted: 2022/08/11


Qasim M. Shakir; Baneen B. Abd; Yahya M. Al-Sahlawi; Sarah A. Hamad;


Any structural concrete member may include one or more of what so-called D-regions which affect mostly, the general behavior of this member. Different technique and approaches were proposed to control the behaviour of D-regions such as the shear-friction approach and the STM models. Such proposals are not applicable for all types of D-regions. The current work presents a numerical study using the ANSYS software. Three types of D-regions are considered which are; the dapped ends, deep beams with openings and beams with loaded openings. Results revealed that inclusion of large opening within the T-deep beams that deficiently shear-reinforced resulted in capacity drop by (41-49) %. Thus, it is necessary to provide special strengthening reinforcement. The optimum enhancement was 23% with stirrups of 12mm. Moreover, results proved that the optimum location of opening was below the diagonal shear line. For dapped ends, it is concluded that a/d value and quantity of hanger and nib reinforcement have essential influence on the toughness, maximum deflection, ductility and stiffness and capacity. Furthermore, it has been concluded that for the loaded opening, the use of T-rolled sections within the bottom chord of the opening yielded enhancement of 23% relative to the rhumbas shaped configuration


Dapped ends, T-deep beams with opening, loaded openings, Ductility and stiffness.