Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Performance of Fiber-reinforced Concrete Sandwiched in Double Skinned Plated Composite Beams

Volume 11, No. 3, 2017
Received: 2017/06/11, Accepted:


J. Revathy; S. Sarath Kumar;


The present experimental study examines the structural performance of fiber-reinforced concrete sandwiched in double skinned plated beams. In this study, J-hook was used as a shear connector. Discrete hooked end steel and polypropylene fibers were used in the study at a volume fraction of 1 %. Ultimate load and deflection were studied. The experimental results revealed that ultimate load carrying capacity was considerably enhanced in fiber-reinforced concrete composite beam specimen. Ultimate deflection was decreased due to the incorporation of hybrid fibers into the concrete when compared to the reference composite beam. Failure was observed by yielding of bottom face steel plate in the double skinned plated composite beam and cracks formed in core concrete at the initial load. A ductile mode of failure was noticed in hybrid fiber-reinfored concrete sandwiched in double skinned plated composite beams.


Composite beams, Double skin plate, Hybrid fiber-reinforced concrete, J-hook, Sandwiched construction, SCS.