Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Estimation of New Development Trip Impacts through Trip Generation Rates for Major Land Uses in Palestine

Volume 12, No. 4, 2018
Received: 2018/09/12, Accepted:


Khaled Al-Sahili; Sameer Abu Eisheh; Fawz Kobari;


Trip generation is a basic component of transportation planning and plays a key role in conducting transportation impact studies. in Palestine, trip generation rates are not yet established and transportation impact studies for new developments are not yet adopted. This research aims to establish local trip generation rates for major land uses. Field surveys were conducted in major cities in the West Bank, Palestine, based on international practices. A total of 138 sites comprising six major land uses were surveyed during the AM/PM peak periods using manual counting techniques. Trip generation rates were established for the studied land uses considering the most appropriate independent variables. The study results were compared with the respective regional and international rates. It was found that the local trip generation rates were generally different (higher, comparable or lower). This can be attributed to the fact that travel behavior as well as socio-economic and land use characteristics are different. The results of this research will form a basic step towards establishing proper transportation planning practices in Palestine and developing a trip generation manual. The research recommends coordination with key stakeholders to promote the adoption of conducting traffic impact studies at the policy level.