Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Red Light Violations at Urban and Suburban Traffic Signals in Jordan

Volume 16, No. 4, 2022
Received: 2022/03/09, Accepted: 2022/06/19


Bashar Al-Omari; Rogayah Friehat; Ahmad Alomari;


This study aimed to investigate red light violations and their influencing factors at traffic signals in four major cities in Jordan. Field data were collected from 30 traffic signals in Amman, Zarqa, Jerash, and Irbid cities. The study analysis showed that among 3,444 drivers who had the chance to violate a red light, 436 drivers ran a red light at a rate of 12.66%. It was found that based on vehicle type, pickup drivers had the highest violation rate among all drivers, with a rate of 21.4%, while heavy vehicle drivers showed the lowest percentage of violations, at 11.18% for buses and 8.24% for trucks. Also, drivers tended to show more violations on upgrade intersection approaches, with almost the same violation behavior on level and downgrade intersection approaches. Referring to the location of the intersection, the violation rate was 13.48% in urban areas and 11.37% in suburban areas. The results showed that drivers tend to violate red lights more during the fall than in the spring season. In addition, the percentage of red-light violations was found to be directly proportional to the subject approach speed and total traffic volume entering the intersection and inversely proportional to the conflicting traffic volumes.


Intersection Safety, Signal, Urban, Red Light, Driver Behavior