Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of GFRP-Strengthened Slender Rectangular RC Columns with Confinement Deficiency in Plastic Hinge Zone

Volume 12, No. 2, 2018
Received: 2018/03/08, Accepted:


V. Zanjani Zadeh; S. Eshghi;


This paper presents a study on the behavior of slender Reinforced Concrete (RC) columns, with confinement deficiency in plastic hinge zone, strengthened with Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) sheets using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). For the purpose of this research, a total of twelve half-scale rectangular RC columns were modeled using ANSYS and subjected to displacement-controlled monotonic lateral load combined with a constant axial load. Ten out of the twelve columns had insufficient transverse reinforcements in the plastic hinge zone to represent the columns that were built before 1971. Five columns were retrofitted up to recommended length from bottom of the column with GFRP wraps. The goal of these analyses was to investigate failure mechanism and to obtain the lateral load-carrying capacity of the columns, as well as to compare them with existing experimental hysteresis loop envelope available from cyclic loading tests. The developed FEA predictions were shown to be in close agreement with the experimental results and observations. The results showed that the FRP jacket in plastic hinge zone can greatly enhance shear and flexural strengths, as well as ductility of the slender RC columns under imposed loading and that it delays the softening of the columns.