Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Numerical investigation of CFRP strengthened circular concrete columns under transverse impact loading

Volume 16, No. 2, 2022
Received: 2021/12/07, Accepted: 2022/02/16


Maysa abu sosain; Dr. Raizal Rashid; Mohamed El-Zeadani;


Bridge columns are continuously exposed to major damage due to vehicle collisions, and such collisions can result in disastrous consequences. Composites such as carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) provide improved performance under impact load. As such, the objective of this research is to conduct a thorough numerical analysis of four main circular RC column models under impact load using ABAQUS/Explicit. The columns had a 5.18 m height and a 0.61 m diameter and were comprised of both unstrengthened and CFRP strengthened columns with different types of CFRP sheet wrapping (half, partial, and fully wrapped). The impact of an 8-ton truck at two different speeds (60 and 90 km/hr) was investigated, and the lateral displacement and impact force were measured. The numerical results showed good performance of RC columns with CFRP sheets as opposed to bare columns, which was indicated by the reduction in maximum lateral displacement and higher impact force of the former as compared to the latter. Overall, the results show the potential of using CFRP wrapping to improve the performance and increase the stiffness of RC columns against impact load.


RC columns, CFRP strengthening, finite element model, impact load, ABAQUS