Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Application of Variable Friction Damper to Transmission Tower Structure with Two Connection Ways

Volume 13, No. 2, 2019
Received: 2019/03/14, Accepted:


Meng Zhan; Lizhen Zhang; Xiuyun Chen; Sheliang Wang;


According to the operating characteristics of piezoelectric ceramic materials, the authors designed a kind of variable friction damper with reset function. Based on the transmission tower structure characteristics of force and deformation, the two damper installation ways put forward were bar connection and rope connection. The corresponding simulated earthquake shaking table test was carried out for model structure. Based on the characteristics of the two kinds of damper installation, fuzzy control strategy with strain response and speed response as input was established. Seismic response of transmission tower structure with non-control, passive control and semi-active control was tested under El Centro seismic wave. The experimental results showed that piezoelectric friction damper can effectively reduce the seismic peak responses of model structure under the two kinds of damper installation way. Fuzzy control algorithm with strain response and speed response as input whose system is simple is easy to the operation of the actual project. It can change in real time the friction according to the dynamic responses of the structure to realize the vibration control of structures.


Piezoelectric ceramic, Friction damper, Transmission tower, Shaking table test, Vibration control.