Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Exact Solutions for Fixed-Fixed Anisotropic Beams under Uniform Load by Using Maple

Volume 7, No. 2, 2013
Received: 2013/03/28, Accepted:


Ton That Hoang Lan;


The approximate solutions of stresses and displacements were obtained for fixed-fixed anisotropic beams subjected to uniform load. A stress function involving un-known coefficients was constructed, and the general expressions of stress and displacement were obtained by means of airy stress function method. Two types of the description for the fixed end boundary condition were considered. The introduced unknown coefficients in stress function were determined by using the boundary conditions. The approximate solutions for stresses and displacements were finally obtained. Numerical tests show that the solutions agree with the FEM results. These solutions are achieved by using Maple software.


Fixed-fixed beam, Anisotropy, Stress function, Approximate solutions, Maple