Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Mapping Floods During Cloudy Weather Using Radar Satellite Images

Volume 18, No. 1, 2024
Received: 2023/03/06, Accepted: 2023/08/18


Nawras Shatnawi;


Monitoring floods using optical satellite images in the winter is challenging. Because of the thickness of clouds, the electromagnetic bands used by these satellites are too narrow, and the resulting signals are reflected into space. The purpose of this study is to assess the potential of implementing a high-resolution synthetic aperture radar system (SAR) for the purpose of mapping floods in Jordan while the weather is cloudy. TerraSAR-X satellite was utilized to acquire images of high resolution for flood monitoring. This research employed TerraSAR-X thresholding images to identify flood-prone areas and tracked floods over time using time series images. It was possible to determine the places of the landscape that have been impacted by the flood and to establish the degree of the damage by conducting an analysis of the changes that have occurred in the landscape. The accuracy of the study's findings was confirmed using backscatter texture analysis on the images, which revealed a small difference between the two approaches of less than 3% in the mapped test region's flood area. While monitoring floods, it is recommended to use TerraSAR-X images, particularly in conjunction with other data sources such as weather predictions and hydrological models.


Flood mapping; TerraSAR-X; Texture analysis, Thresholding; Interferometric SAR; Polarimetric SAR