Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Optimizing Co-blends of Crumb Rubber and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate in 70/100 Bitumen

Volume 13, No. 4, 2019
Received: 2020/01/05, Accepted:


Keith Nare; Shanganyane Percy Hlangothi;


Formulation of modified bitumen co-blends presents challenges associated with contributions of individual and interaction effects to thermo-rheological properties. Crumb rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate were used to study the optimization of co-blends in 70/100 bitumen and compared to industrial standards. A laboratory mixer fitted with a dual helical impeller was used to perform the mixing after which dynamic shear rheometer was utilized to characterize the bituminous binders. The results showed that phase angle decreases with co-blend proportions, whereas the rutting parameter and complex shear modulus increase. Response surface methodology can be used to optimize formulations for modification of 70/100 bitumen.


70/100 bitumen, Co-blend, Crumb rubber, Ethylene vinyl acetate, Response surface methodology